Meet the dedicated team behind our company, striving to provide unmatched service and expertise.

After being in business for over 20 years, you would think that all of the accessories that could be built for one vehicle line would be built by now.

However, we are still designing, testing and building more products everyday! This not only keeps us way ahead of the competition but also allows us to be the most innovative, knowledgeable and service focused company in the market today. We are still proud to say that we are the only company who tests our products on the most extreme trails long before they are ever made available to the end user. We try to make it to as many off-road events as possible to further demonstrate first hand why our products are still #1 and definitely “Hardcore”.

Timeline Of our Company

Spring of 2014
Here We Grow Again!
shipping, inventory, and aftermarket parts for enhanced customer service.
Let’s Cheers!

While we thought that our last 3600 sq/ft. addition would be all that we would ever need, we have added yet another 1200 sq/ft addition to make room for shipping and inventory. Our shop is now 6720 sq/ft and, dare I say, growing! ”2013″ RubberDuck 4×4 becomes the ONLY Aftermarket Supplier direct with AM General which allows us to offer great pricing on OEM Parts, faster response time to information, the ability to check their stock and order shipments direct from the factory.

2009 thru 2007
Let's Celebrate
shipping, inventory, and aftermarket parts for enhanced customer service.

Customers wanting to send us their trucks for complete builds became so popular that we had to expand again. To accommodate this we added an additional 3600 sq/ft for manufacturing, warehousing and shipping our products and dedicated our old 1920 sq/ft section to service and builds of customers’ trucks. With this addition, our facility is now 5520 sq/ft and growing! We were also very proud to have taken 1st place in the 2007 Lynch Hummer Adventure Challenge where we competed against some of the most heavily customized trucks in the world.

2007 thru 2004
As Our Popularity Grew
shipping, inventory, and aftermarket parts for enhanced customer service.
Let’s Celebrate
RubberDuck 4×4 became a full time business for our CEO and incorporated in 2004. We expanded to a 1920 sq/ft building and continued to design, build and test more products as well as offer full service and complete builds of trucks. We also appeared on the TV series “Overhaulin” to lend our experience as well as install some of our products on the CNN Warrior One H1 build.
2004 thru 2003
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shipping, inventory, and aftermarket parts for enhanced customer service.
Be Productive!
With the introduction of the H2 in 2003, the market dramatically changed with a flood of resellers who new little about the accessories they sold as well as offering thousands of chrome “widgets” and non-functional “fluff”. RubberDuck 4×4 stayed true to our roots by not clogging our website with these “widgets” and remained focused on building and offering functional hardcore off-road equipment with product knowledge that is second to none!
2003 thru 1999
First Started in 1999
dedicated to manufacturing, warehousing, shipping, service, and customer truck builds.
Welcome here!

As a side business in a small 480 sq/ft section of our shop building accessories that placed functionfirst on the list of design requirements. At that time, the only Hummer accessories available were made to look tough but were mostly untested and lacked the ability to stand up in the harsh, real world environment of off-road. With a background in Mechanical Engineering and a passion for Off-roading, the CEO focused heavily on strength and protection for hardcore off-road use. He would personally test everything before it would become available to the end user. If it didn’t pass his test, it didn’t get sold. This philosophy quickly spread RubberDuck 4×4’s reputation throughout the community as being the only company to thoroughly test and abuse our products in the real world.